Iona Island

Iona Island Park Building is situated in a fragile environmentally sensitive ecosystem at the mouth of the Fraser as it empties into the Strait of Georgia. Ocean frontage, river edges, fresh and salt-water marshes, and a tidal zone of drift logs characterize this unique site.
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Iona Island, Richmond, BC
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The program called for a small 835 sq.ft. park building with public washrooms, a storage room, small office and covered orientation area used as a starting point for GVRD staff guided nature walks.

“A small, graceful structure that barely leaves its mark on the landscape.” The jury’s comments were less restrained when they described the building as high achievement from a very simple design.

The building merges with the landscape to create a unified composition that celebrates the particularity of the site. The structure is nestled into the landscape with concrete walls that extend outward engaging the sand dunes and native grasses. The exposed concrete has colour oxides to match the sand dunes and the wood glulam and decking is finished with a light stain to match the weathered driftwood logs. A continuous glass clerestory separates the wood roof structure from the concrete walls. The building acts as a gateway element gives a measure of dignity and quiet elegance to a modest parks facility.